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Have you ever looked at a photo of your home from a few years ago and thought, “Wow, my house looked so new, I wonder what happened?”  Those black streaks on your roof have developed over time because they are a form of algae that usually forms on the shaded sides of your roof. Algae, lichens, and Moss feed on organic materials found in roofing granules, developing harmful root systems that damage, and loosen roof granules, causing premature failure of your roof system.  If, after a rain, you see granules from your roof near your downspout, you may have any one of the many organic materials that grow on a roof in an area you can’t see.

You can clean your own roof, but do you really want to?  Standing on a roof is dangerous enough- add water to that and you create a potentially hazardous situation.  Using improper equipment or chemicals can also further damage your roof and harm your landscaping. Proper roof cleaning will not damage your roof, siding or landscaping. Roof Pro LLC can safely clean your roof and remove the algae with safe and eco-friendly methods.

Roof Cleaning and Peace of Mind

When you call Roof Pro for a roof cleaning, we will inspect your roof, for free, clean it and offer options to prevent future occurrences.  The inspection usually takes less than five minutes. And most complete roof cleanings take less than four hours to complete.  And remember, it’s always a good idea to have a roof inspection every three to five years.  A healthy, well-maintained roof will last longer and protect your home and belongings better.

Our crews are specifically trained in our methods and procedures for effective organic and carbon-based debris cleaning from your roof surface.  Don’t trust just anyone to clean your Memphis roof, trust Roof Pro for all your roofing needs.

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